New Layher warehouse in Meppel

A successful opening of our service depot in Meppel!

On Thursday afternoon, March 14, 2019, Mayor Richard Korteland of Meppel unveiled the Layher logo on the façade at the touch of a button and thus officially opened the Layher depot.

Customers and various business relations then enjoyed drinks and various tasty snacks and special food truck burgers in the pleasantly decorated hall.

We are proud of this beautiful facility and hope that from Meppel the delivery service and accessibility will be even better. Thank you all for your visit and interest.


One of the most important added values that Layher wants to offer is more speed. Fast construction through our Lightweight material and a high degree of dimensional stability, but also by delivering quickly. Not only a high inventory but also close to the customers in the neighborhood, makes it possible to deliver quickly. If we look at the map of the Netherlands, our warehouse in Raamsdonksveer is close to a high concentration of industry, but geographically this location is less obvious. Our customers in the Northeast Netherlands can not "just" drive to Layher to quickly get some missing material. Not only the distance but also the traffic in the middle of the country makes this a time-consuming enterprise. In order to be able to serve our customers better and above all faster in the northern half of the Netherlands, we opened a warehouse in Meppel.


The accessibility is excellent. Less than 5 minutes from the A32 (exit Meppel-Noord), near one of the most important intersections of highways in the north of the Netherlands. The 2,500 m2 location in Meppel consists of an indoor warehouse of 600 m2 for the storage of our aluminum and wooden products, with a paved outside area of 1.900 m2 for the steel. We will store a total of around 600 different items for immediate delivery from stock. The stock in Meppel comes on top of our stocks in Raamsdonksveer and Kontich (B). This benefits our delivery reliability.


The location Meppel is open on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00, tel. 0522-219199. Orders from our customers in the northern half of the Netherlands are delivered from Meppel. Of course you can also drive directly to our warehouse in Meppel and decide on the spot which materials you want to take with you. At the location in Meppel we will also set up an outdoor showroom, just like in Raamsdonksveer. We would also like to invite you to come and take a look at the smart solutions that we can offer you. We also have a training room in our service depot where we will offer several courses in the coming year.

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