Layher Benelux
In the world of scaffolding technology, Layher is leading in the Benelux. Whether it concerns scaffolding in construction, industry, offshore, events, roofs, side protection, pedestrian bridges, shoring or scaffolding accessories; Layher has a solution for every situation. We are happy to assist you.
In addition to the highest quality material, Layher strives to provide you with important added values for more success through our service:

The Layher team is at your service with more than 40 employees

We react the same day so that you can go on with your business.
Layher Engineering can help with any challenge you might have, even on the job.
By training you, we can teach you to work as effective and safe as possible with the Layher material.

, Layher material is always provided with all available approvals

Dimensional stability, quality and appearance always 100%, you can construct fast and safe.
All technical documents and certificate are readily available.
You can apply the Layher material under all circumstances and therefore serve all markets.

large product range, based on the standard (Allround) material

We have a solution for every scaffolding construction so that you can build efficient and safe.
With the use of the accessories, you have access to many different markets and applications.
You can build faster with our many innovative smart solutions.

Layher supplies in the Benelux directly from a large local stock

We quickly have material available for you, you never have to run out of material.
With Layher material we guarantee 100% dimensional stability, save up to 40% on man-hours.
Layher Lightweight, at least 10% less weight, faster construction and savings on transport.

Layher stands for continuity and growth opportunities

With rent-to-buy, you can have material available without having to invest immediately.
Layher material keeps its value, after 20 years it is still worth up to 55% of your original investment.
Every new part is compatible with previous versions, your material always remains useful.

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