For the construction and maintenance of industrial installations, temporary workspaces must often be set up for working at heights. These constructions are often:

  • complex of form.
  • difficult to reach-to-reach places.
  • llocations with limited space for setting up a scaffloding.
  • locations with a high level of safety requirements.
  • Application areas for scaffolding in the industry are for example.

maintenance of production installations

  • shipbuilding and maintenance
  • >aircraft construction and maintenance


For industrial applications, the Allround scaffolding system is extremely suitable and most used.

The Allround system can realize complex scaffolding with limited components. The (safety) accessories and non-combustible parts contribute to the high safety and flexibility required for (petrochemical) industry. In addition to the Allround components, the system is easy to combine with staircases and different protective systems like daksystemen and the protectsysteem

For more information see the product group Allroundsysteemsteigers or contact us for customized advice.

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