construction scaffolding

For civilian constructions, scaffolding is used to realize a good and safe temporary workplace at height. Common scaffolding applications for civilian constructions scaffoldings are:

  • Bricklaying.
  • Completion/decoration.
  • Shoring.



The masonry of facades in new buildings requires a scaffolding with the following specific properties:

  • A safe and fast realization of a temporary work floor that follows the shape of the building.
  • The desired load class for supplying and presenting material.
  • The realization of variable scaffolding width to adjust the gap between the scaffolding and the facade before and after bricklaying.
  • Realizing a correct headroom and material supply height during bricklaying.

With the Layher Allround system scaffolding, all kinds of situations can be handled by means of specific components such as retractable console brackets and masonry consoles.


Masonry scaffolding in The Netherlands 

In the Netherlands, a masonry scaffolding is usually provided with wooden scaffolding planks. These planks are supported by support ledgers (extendable), so that the floor width at the facade side can be adjusted. Especially for this purpose Allround ring 54 is available. The use of scaffolding planks on top of support ledgers reduces headroom of a scaffolding by about 10 cm. In a scaffolding with 2 meter floors (floors on every 4th rosette with a rosette distance of 50 cm) this means that many workers cannot walk upright through the scaffolding. By applying the Allround ring 54 system, the floors elevation becomes 2.16 m (4 times 54 cm rosette distance) instead of 2.00 m. This improves the ergonomics of the scaffold.


Masonry scaffolding in Belgium and Luxembourg

The masonry scaffolding is constructed with standard steel decks. For the adjustment of floor width at the wall side adjustable consoles are used.


What do I need?

Layher has many standardized example scaffolding configurations for bricklaying, please contact us for further information.



Finishing and decorating

Layher rolling towers or the Layher ZIFA are used for finishing ceilings, interior walls and installation work. 


For more information see the product group rolling towers or contact us for customized advice.




Shoring is used for keeping floors, balconies and formwork temporarily in place, for example, until the construction can take over this load. Support can be used separately, but can also be fitted into the grid of the other scaffolding. Layher has different types of shorings. These are all based on the Allround system scaffolding. 

For more information see the product group shoring or contact us for customized advice.


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