Renovation covers many different work areas. For example:

  • Large-scale long-term renovation such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  • Small-scale short term renovation such as home improvement both on the inside and on the outside.

Most common activities consist of painting work, blasting, plastering or façade cleaning but can also include shoring for demolition work. For all this work the scaffolding must provide a good and safe temporary workplace. In addition, the scaffolding acts as shielding the workplace from the environment, shielding against dust and noise or from weather influences such as rain and wind.

Layher has the following scaffolding solutions for renovation works:



The SpeedyScaf renovation scaffoling

The SpeedyScaf is specifically suitable for renovation work:

  • Easy and quick to (dis)assemble.
  • Is suitable for decorating, brick joining repair and plastering work.
  • The scaffolding requires a small footprint and is suitable for urban areas.
  • Can be combined with spans, shieldsing like nets, fences, roofs and walls.

For more information see the product group SpeedyScaf or contact us for customized advice.


Renovation with the Allround scaffolding system

For renovations that require a lot of flexibility, the Allround scaffolding system is the most flexible solution because:

  • Load classes and scaffolding width can be adjusted to the work.
  • Great flexibility in construction possibilities for following the shapes of the object.
  • Can be combined with (large) spans, protection with nets, fences, roofs and walls, access stairs and escape stairstowers.

For more information see the product group Allround scafolding system or contact us for customized advice.

Renovation with a Rolling towers

Rolling towers are used for short-term renovations on relative small surfaces. Layher has various heights and dimensions of rolling towers.


For more information see the product group rolling towers or contact us for customized advice.

Renovation work on/at sloping roofs 

For smaller maintenance and repair work on sloping roofs, Layher has a simple aluminium roof ladder console / chimney tower. This roof ladder console can be built with standard Allround, SpeedyScaf or rolling tower components. The light aluminium components only give a slight load on the roof surface. 

For more information see the brochure roofladder-console or contact us for customized advice.

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