Facade scaffolding

Gevelsteiger is a collective term for a scaffold that stands along a building façade. The work to be carried out determines which scaffolding is suitable for this application.

The most important use of a facade scaffolding is a new construction scaffolding  or a renovation scaffold.

Construction scaffloding:

For civilian construction a scaffolding will be used that is suitable for: 

  • building up the facade and / or masonry.
  • the prevention of falling from a floor in construction.
  • material storage in combination with carrying out activities. This is usually a scaffolding with load class 4 (300 kg/m3) or heavier.

Because there is no need to take existing buildings into account, there is usually enough room for the scaffolding for new buildings.

For civilian construction a scaffolding is used that offers sufficient space, delivers the desired load class and where the scaffolding can be adapted to the building process such as:

  • Consider the design of the object.
  • Temporarily support and shoring of e.g. of balconies.
  • Adjusting the scaffolding width during the construction of masonry or the application of plastering.

For civilian construction, the Layher Allround scaffolding system is the most suitable.


Renovation scaffolding

For renovation a scaffolding will be used that is suitable for: 

  • Restoring the facade, brickwork joint and plastering.
  • Maintaining window frames and painting.
  • Light work with limited material storage, usually scaffolding load class 2 or 3 (150 or 200 kg/m2).

This work takes place at existing buildings. As a result, the space for setting up the scaffolding is often limited and material supply is less simple (existing paving, existing garden layout, accessibility of backyards, alleys etc.)

For renovation a scaffold is used that takes up little space, is easy to install and is easy to transport. Different Layher scaffolding systems can be used for this application.


What do I need?

The best choice of scaffolding system, parts and quantities depend on the work. Please contact us for customized advice.

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