The protection systems

      Layher Protection systems

Outside but inside circumstances, 365 workable days a year

Roof and wall systems make it possible to create temporary workstations (whether or not at height) independently from weather conditions.


Protecting the workplace provides the following benefits:

  • A tight schedule and turnaround time in every season by completely or partially shielding of the work area.
  • No adverse effect of the weather on the quality of the work.
  • Improving working conditions and preventing expensive days of absence.
  • Heating the workplace.

The Layher Roof and Wall systems:

What do I need?


We are happy to explain to you that the Layher roof and wall systems are surprisingly quickly earned back based on appealing practical examples.



Layher provides various protections for various applications. Below is a description for each type:





      The Layher Scaffold cover:

The scaffold cover is used for covering the top and a part of back of a facade scaffolding against rain.

The scaffold cover is an easy-to-assemble aluminum frame with a sail and can be built continuously over longer lengths. The scaffold cover can be used in combination with consoles and is suitable for different slope directions and roof shapes. The roof slope is adjustable. The sail is mounted with rubber tensioners so that it is taut and not flapping.

The scaffold cover can be applied to both Layher SpeedyScaf, Allround and tolling tower.

For more information contact us for customized advice.



      Temporary inner cover:

The temporary inner cover is a temporary canvas cover for one or a few bays in a scaffolding against rain.


The temporary inner cover consists of a roll-up self-supporting sail with fiberglass reinforcement poles that can easily be fitted with rubber straps by one person on an extra ledger and the outside guardrail.


The temporary cover will:

  • used as a screen for the workplace and materials, even if the scaffolding has not yet been fitted with a scaffold cover.
  • only applied when rain is expected.
  • easily removed in case of strong winds (Beaufort 7).


The temporary cover can be applied to Layher SpeedyScaf, Allround and rolling towers.


For more information contact us for customized advice.




      The Layher Keder roof XL:


For the temporary covering of medium-sized buildings, renovation of motorways and above podiums and stands. The sail control tank consists of aluminum frames that are connected to each other with beams. Between the rafters sails are pulled in through the sail lines, creating a waterproof roof. Because the sails can be installed both as a roof and as a side, you can make a completely protected hall from the roof.


The Keder roof XL:

  • Keep rain (roof version) outside or weather influences (rain, wind and possibly heating) outside (hall version).
  • Consists of light components.
  • Can span up to 30 meters width.
  • Can be used as a mono pitch roof, double pitch roof, asymmetrical roof shapes and halls.
  • Can be used as a mobile roof.


The Keder roof XL can be supported by Layher SpeedyScaf and Allround.


For more information see the Layher Keder roof XL or contact us for customized advice.




      Layher Cassette roof:


For the temporary covering of medium-sized buildings or the realization of temporary (storage) spaces.


The Cassette roof can be combined with Allround or SpeedyScaf scaffold walls, which can also be fitted with Protect panels to keep out the weather.


The Cassette roof:

  • Can span up to 27 meters width.
  • Can be opened locally to allow material feeding through the roof.
  • Is walkable.
  • Can be used as a mobile roof.

The Cassette roof can be supported by Layher Blitz and Allround.


For more information see the Layher Cassette roof catalogue or contact us for customized advice.




      Layher Protect system:


The Protect system is a wall sealing system to protect the construction site from the environment. The shield can be used:

  • To keep the weather out.
  • To shield the environment from dust and noise.
  • To shield escape routes.

The Protect system:

  • Consists of steel or translucent plastic panels.
  • Is very easy to assemble and forms a beautiful wall.
  • Is provided with a rubber sealing profile around the panels and is therefore also suitable for dust, asbestos and noise shielding.
  • Includes corner parts, floor closing line and panels with doors for a complete finish.

The Protect system can be applied to scaffold walls of Allround or SpeedyScaf.


For more information see Layher Protect system or contact us for customized advice.





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