Rolling towers

      Zifa room roling tower

For smaller indoor activities, Layher has the  Zifa room rolling tower  in the range.

The fold-out Zifa 180 x 75 room rolling tower is ideally suited for indoor, ceiling and wall work. The rolling tower is folded out in one hand movement. The Zifa room rolling tower can be unfolded through any normal door opening. 

The Zifa room rolling tower can be combined with standard rolling tower elements, which means that a rolling tower can also be constructed similar to the Kombi 180 x 75


  • Assembly by one person.
  • Quick assembly through folding hinge mechanism.
  • Variable position heights.
  • Rapid movement through plastic swivel casters.


      Layher Rolling tower 

For repair and maintenance at heights tools and space are often required. To execute these actions from ladders is not safe and therefore not allowed. The Layher rolling tower is ideal for this type of work.

The Layher rolling tower range has four basic variants:

Layher Kombi rolling tower 180x75

This rolling tower with a small work floor of 1.80 m long is very suitable for work in places where space is limited.  

Layher Kombi rolling tower180x150

This rolling tower has a wide work floor and due to its length of 1.80 m it is very suitable for work in places where space is limited. 


Layher Uni rolling tower 285x75

This robust rolling tower has a long work floor. As a result, the user has a larger working area with the advantage that the tower must be moved less frequently.

Layher Uni rolling tower 285x150

The most used rolling tower. This robust rolling tower has a large work floor. As a result, the user has a larger working area with the advantage that the tower must be moved less frequently. The Uni 285 x 150 can be built outside to a working height of 6.5 m without side supports. 


The SoloTower from Layher is a small rolling tower that can be assembled quickly, safely and easily by a single person, up to a working height of 6.15 metres. 

Current industrial safety regulations for working at heights are increasingly restricting the use of ladders. These regulations are frequently detrimental to the profitability of businesses. Previously, businesses have had to plan with high-volume work platforms. The result is a major logistic effort, plus an increased personnel requirement of at least two persons. This additional economic burden is avoided by using the SoloTower. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the SoloTower can be transported to its place of use in normal commercial vans or trucks. Transport and assembly can be handled by a single person all the way


  • Economical, efficient and ergonomical logistics for storage and transport and at the site, due to compact dimensions of all components.
  • More safety when moving to the next platform up, due to double guardrail preassembled using the 3-T method.
  • Safer assembly and dismantling by only one person, due to passing of the compact components from level to level using the SoloTower assembly hook.
  • Tool-free, quick and easy assembly due to the proven Layher connection technology of snap-on claw.
  • End and side toe boards made of aluminium and preassembled to create a folding toe board ensure rapid fitting to the platform.


    Layher SoloTower


Why a Layher rolling tower:

  • Long service life with intensive use.
  • Higher load (up to class 3) is allowed.
  • Safe (dis)assembly by the  P2 mounting method
  • Parts can be used in several types of configurations

What do I need?

Parts and quantities depend on the work. For more information, see Rolling towers documentation or contact us for customized advice.
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