Layher Shoring

Scaffold support shoring is used to temporarily hold floors, balconies and formwork in their positions until the construction can take over this task. Support can be used separately, but can also be fitted into the grid of the scaffolding. Layher has different types of supports. These are all based on the Allround scaffolding system. 

Different versions of supports:


      Traditional scaffold shoring:

By using head spindles the Allround scaffolding system can be used as supports. This support uses Allround parts which later can be used in the façade scaffold. This higher occupation of material saves considerable on material and transport.

With this traditional scaffold shoring

  • The support and the scaffolding can be built from the same parts.
  • The scaffolding and support can be interconnected. This increases speed and requires fewer parts in total.
  • Existing support beams and plates can be combined with Allround shoring.

      Heavy shoring:

With a few extra components, Allround materials can be assembled to a very strong shoring with a load capacity over 20 tons / upright.

The heavy shoring:

  • Consists of manageable parts.
  • Can carry very large loads.
  • Can be fitted and built into the work.
  • Is based on standard Allround scaffold system parts.


      Layher drop head jack system:

The drop head system is ideal for supporting concrete floors or beams up to a thickness of 780 mm. 
When using a drop head, the carriers (underlay) can be released as soon as the concrete is form-retaining. The released materials can be used again in new bays or floors. The stands remain until the concrete is strong.

The Layher drop head jack system:

  • Consists of standard Allround parts plus a limited number of extra parts.
  • Can be interconnected with the scaffolding, this gains speed and requires fewer parts in total.
  • Allows easily and fast (dis)assemble.
  • Can be dismantled in phases. As a result, material can be reused more quickly and therefore has a higher occupation and saves on material and transport costs.

      TG60 shoring tower:

To support large and heavy objects shoring towers used which are easy to place, link and move. 
The Layher TG 60 shoring tower is ideal for projects in construction and infrastructure.

The TG60 shoring tower:

  • Realizes a stable tower in a simple, fast and safe manner and with a minimum of components. 
  • Fits in the Allround scaffolding grid.
  • Has a great bearing capacity and is easy to combine for even heavier loads.
  • Limits the number of extra parts for support by using standard Allround components.
  • Can be combined with the Layher drop head jack system.

What do I need?

For more information see documentation  under shoring or contact us for customized advice.

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